Saturday, 20 February 2010

myself in relationship with dance (1984 at present)

Dance has been my companion since I was a child. My journey in the dance world started when I was five studying ballet. Since then I haven’t spent a day without spinning around, lifting a leg or rolling on the ground. I have been trained as a ballet dancer, wore tutu’ and point shoes for many years and then decided to shift my research in movement toward contemporary dance and improvisation. My professional life keeps shifting from performing, making my own work, teaching and researching in academic contexts. I see life and art intermingling in a constant dialogue of negotiations, choices, questions and discoveries. The starting point of my inquiries is the living body felt from within and its relation to the space that surrounds it. Movement in all its manifestations fascinates me. I think of movement and dance as tools to understand more of who I am, to find orientation and learn more about the way I relate to others. At the moment the main focus in my dance practice is in finding joy, pleasure and ease in movement. I believe in the importance of playing seriously in all occasions that art and life present.