Sunday, 6 June 2010

Stories - written by my sister Francesca Recchia

I live on stories. Experienced or invented, imaginary and imagined. On stories to tell and stories to listen to. There are stories about possible projects and stories about shared memories and unforgettable adventures. There are stories that you tell hoping that by telling you will be able to forget. There are stories that help you understand what you think, where you stand and where you are going. And there are stories that are supposed to explain but instead create more confusion. Telling stories is a way to make the daily life special, to give value to small things, to focus the attention on details that otherwise would risk to be overlooked. I share the passion for stories with a love from the past and some friends from the present. The last few months brought in my life the encounter with photographers and journalists. The common interest for telling stories and living the stories we are telling brought us close and allowed us to share deep experiences. It is about curiosity, adrenaline, the sense of limit, the challenge of the unknown. And you collect details, you seek for the right word that could communicate smells and sensations of otherwise remote places. And then over a glass of wine you discuss about choices, directions taken, doubts about the present and adventures for the future.

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