Friday, 15 May 2009

in Italy - in April

a week spent in the country side
every morning I would go and press a button that would activate a mechanism to collect water in a tank
I needed to wait for 10 or 15 minutes and then switch it off
I would use that time to walk around trees and observe
every single day I had a surprise waiting for me
I decided not to bring the small digital camera with me
I was curious to see what would be left printed in my memory

a leaf falling apart, a selvatic orchid, a protuberance of a branch, a mushroom

I had to make peace with the Earth
my legs were still shaking after the earthquake in L'Aquila
my breath was up up up towards the throat
my spatial reference, my sense of ground was shaken
my feet were lightly touching the ground
was I almost touching the Earth?
I love being on the ground sensing the ground with the back of my head, my whole torso, the soles of the feet - but the Earth did not have the solidity that once had in my perception

a month and 9 days have passed and I am just starting to relax towards the Earth again